Class Schedule – summer semester 2023/2024

ModuleGroup 1, 2
M1, M2 3pts5. 2.
M3, M4 3pts12. 2.
M5-8 2pts19. 2.
M9-12, M24 2pts26. 2.
M13-17 2pts4. 3.
Gen (Jakub Kroustek) 4pts11. 3.
M18-20 2pts18. 3.
M21-23 2pts25. 3.
M25-27 2pts8. 4.
M28 2pts15. 4.
Patron-IT (Martina Haller) 3pts22. 4.
NUKIB 3pts29. 4.
Skills + Final6. 5.

Challenge Lab

All submissions must be done via Central Information System as well as email by deadline. Later submission will not be accepted

Challenge Lab #1 (Vladimir Vesely, Viliam Letavay)

  • assignment 25th March 2024
  • deadline 15th April 2024

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  • Laboratory room Cisco, C304
  • Terms:
    • Group 1 – every Monday from 8:00 to 12:00
    • Group 2 – every Monday from 13:00 to 17:00


  • active participation in laboratory exercises (max. 30 points)
  • one/two challenge lab(s) (max. 30 points)
  • final configuration practice test and test on theoretical skills (max. 40 as 30+10 points)

In order to pass this course, you need to:

  • participate in 80%+ of laboratory exercises, i.e., be present at least in 9 of 13 laboratory exercises
  • get at least half of the points from each classification activity, i.e., laboratory exercises, challenge labs, theoretical, final practice)

In order to obtain official Cisco Certificate of Course Completation, you need to achieve at least 80% from all assessments.

There is no way how to substitute missing class.

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